Webcam Girls

A webcam girl is an internet performer who is recorded on the web with a video camera broadcast to the audience via a live video stream. A webcam model also performs erotic acts over the internet, including masturbation, stripping, or sexual acts as payment for gifts, products, or services. Some webcam models may sell videos of their performance on sites offering paid video sharing. This service allows participants to share their videos with others over the web for a fee. Others may do so as a way to earn additional money. In general, a webcam model can perform in any environment and anytime that an internet connection is available. She has the ability to perform sexually in public places, like at live clubs or bars, as well as private settings. While performing a performance over the internet, a webcam model may use her webcam to talk to anyone watching or participate in conversations. She can send messages or e-mails as well. If the webcam model wishes to perform in front of the public, then she has the ability to do so, as long as her computer is connected to the internet. It does not have to be always live though; a webcam model may set the webcam to record a prerecorded clip. This clip may be played back later to make it look like she is performing in front of a live audience. Webcam models can be attractive young women who are looking for a fun way to earn extra money and interact with others through the internet. Many webcam models work independently over the internet. Some may work for websites offering paid video sharing. Other webcam models may work as freelancers for different companies that offer web-cam performance. Regardless of the method a webcam girl uses to earn money, the ability to interact and get to know others online, is extremely valuable in the virtual world.