Meet the Little Clothes Make-Up Artist

The first release from the new artist prurientkitty, ‘Stripchat’ will be out at some point in early 2021. This is one of the conceptual pop art paintings done in the style of Banksy. The name ‘Stripchat’ was taken from the graffiti on the pavement of London’s Camden Town area. The graffiti is a reference to the brand of clothes owned by the artist, which is named after him. If you are a fan of the Bristol based artist, then you will want to check out his portfolio of work which is available to view online.

This Bristol based artist, who goes by the name ‘PrurientKitty’, is well-known in the British art scene for his street graffiti art. His artwork is characterised by bright colourful blocks, which seem to jump out of the page and become an integral part of the picture. The large amount of white space enables the work to really stand out and this is what makes PrurientKitty’s street works so distinctive. These stencils are also often accompanied by text or words which have been written on them. Some of these words can then be seen on the garment that are made by the Bristol based artist, as well as on the fabric of the clothes.

One piece of paper can represent many different things in the world today and this applies to the Bristol based artist, too. One piece of Stripchat that we have seen featured on his website relates to the infamous song ‘Lose Her Touch’. This track was originally recorded by the Rolling Stones and features on their album ‘Pixeleen’.

The word ‘Touch’ has a very different meaning in our world today than it did back in the swinging sixties. Back then it was more about women going to the strip club for the excitement, rather than for the sexual pleasure that is often depicted in today’s media. It was a much less dangerous time in the UK for women and their fashion sense. A lot of people forget that the term ‘strip club’ derives from the French word ‘motorier’ which means ‘woman who goes to the motorway’.

If you have any doubt as to how big a fan you should be of PrurientKitty you should take a good look at his websites. There are over two hundred images and almost one hundred words of text. We have not even started to discuss his designs yet, let alone talking about how much he looks like a cartoon character! We have seen his work in action and found him to be imaginative and fun, if not a little odd!

But then he is also very clever. He knows how to draw people into his paintings and this ability has also been used to create clothing items for people from around the world. He has a very witty way of expressing himself and that comes through in his pictures. We have seen some of the most famous celebrities from the world over sporting the clothing creations created by PrurientKitty. The list includes Usher, Rihanna, Charlize Theron and Victoria Beckham – all people we would expect to have their clothes seen on the world wide web.