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Hot Falling Devil, A Holiday Humor Show

Hot Falling Devil is the latest web series that promises to bring back the magic of ‘colour’. Created by the award winning animation house Pixar Hot Falling Devil follows the story of a young woman named Alexa. While taking her first trip with her friend Ash, the two girls encounter a mysterious and darkly dressed man. The man captures Alexa’s best friend, Chaturbate, and takes her back to his home. There, he tries to make her fall in love with him using a number of tricks that she isn’t familiar with. With every new episode, the girls become a little more aware of their surroundings and learn more about the man that has captured their hearts.

Currently, Hot Falling Devil has four episodes, each ranging from thirty minutes long to one hour and forty-five minutes long. The first episode, featuring the strange man, is titled ‘Chaturbate’ and follows the girls as they explore a strange hotel. The second episode features Alexa trying to get information from one of the bongacams in the area. She meets and falls in love with a model named Kaylee, and the third episode finds the group travelling to a hot springs resort for a romantic holiday.

All four episodes of Hot Falling Devil are filmed in high definition, and the special effects are excellent, resulting in some truly bizarre scenes. The images are clearly reminiscent of the works of Tim Burton, and the special effects are quite realistic, although I’m not entirely sure how that applies to the private HD shots of the girls and the bongacams. It does look as if the camera angles change slightly in HD when it appears as the girls are passing in the night, and there is occasionally a slow movement effect when something catches the light.

I’ve seen the original version of Hot Falling Devil a few times, and while it isn’t as funny as the movie version, I find the comedy still quite funny. There is a scene where Alexa has to hold a birthday party for her boss’s daughter’s birthday, and she and her friends are stood around waiting for the girl to arrive. Suddenly, a bumbling old man in a suit jumps out of a nearby white limo, announcing that all the girls have to get into the limo. None of them has time to explain that they’re actually going on a birthday trip, but all of them get into the limo anyway. A short while later, Alexa’s friend Holly comes running in, announcing that everyone has to go to the beach. Suddenly, the girls realise that they’re standing in front of a cop car, and a chase begins.

I won’t give too much away, because the whole episode is very funny, but I will tell you that the private HD pictures look amazing. The other thing that I will say about Hot Falling Devil is that it really doesn’t feel like a kids show. There are some very adult-oriented scenes, but overall it’s a great show that’s not for kids, but probably feels kid-friendly due to the premise.

The plot, while not too different from the first Hot Autumn, involves Alexa and her friend’s attempts to catch the attention of their new boss, Mr Jones. However, due to the HD quality of the show and the fact that it hasn’t been aired on television for months, there are many interesting details in that aren’t shown on the TV screen. If you’re looking for a great holiday mood, and a few hilarious HD clips, then Hot Falling Devil is worth checking out, as it was just recently released on iTunes.

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