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The first time I ever saw Bicycle 777 Chaturbate was at my very first party. The party was hosted by my friend’s cousin. At that time, there were only about six or seven people inside the house, and the other eight or ten people that lived on the block didn’t know we were going to have so much fun. That’s when I got really interested in trying out my new camera, the iPhone 4S. One of the cool things about the iPhone was that it had a built-in camera, which is the same technology that my Bicycle777 Chaturbate Summer outdoor sex video camera uses.

So, I got my camera ready and loaded up my new iPhone, which was only available for a few months, to capture the video of the amazing party that I was having. And boy did I ever turn out to be a lucky person. I got the video, which you can watch in its entirety above. But I want to quickly tell you something: My timing was off, and I just missed the perfect moment.

But what’s even better than that? I got the video two days after I filmed it. And then when I went to edit it, I realized that the video would be way too long and not interesting enough for you to watch all of the way through. It just didn’t fit in.

If you’ve seen the Bicycle 777 Chaturbate video, then you would know what I’m talking about. That video is still going strong five years later, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. The video itself will take you from beginning to end, and it ends with this gentleman having some more fun at the pool.

That was my first experience with iPhone video, and I’m extremely proud that I was able to capture that video and share it with you. When I got home, I started looking for videos that would go along with the Bike Space. I couldn’t find any. Then I found this video, and it totally blew me away.