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anisyia livejasmin

Anisyia Livejasmin – A New Cat In the Area

Anisyia livejasmin is a cat belonging to the Microphobes Cat Family. It is native to the Mexican State of Sinaloa. In particular, it is famous as the cats feline friend in the region because of its unique features. For example, anisyia has gray upperparts with a dilated abdomen and white undersides. Its head is large with a long thin ear stripe and its body is quite muscular.

Anisyia’s ears are black, triangular in shape with two pointed tips and it has two large buttoned ears. Apart from these it also has two small horns that point down its back. Its nose is long and it does not possess a black tail. A beautiful coat covers its whole back, except for a small strip at its base where it meets its dark brown fur. Its teeth are pointed and they are made of a unique type of mottling. Apart from this, it has a big round black nose and a tail that hang between its legs.

Because of its unique features, the anisy is also called as the Mexican Bobcat. It is a resident mostly in the tropical and subtropical forests, preferring dense rainforests and swamps. It preys mostly on rodents, monkeys, birds and insects. When prey is abundant, it prefers voles, but when they are scarce, it hunts lizards, beetles, chinchillas, snakes and other small animals. This is evident in the fact that even in the 20th century, there are reports of these cats being found together with alligators and crocodiles.

The life expectancy of this cat can exceed forty years. However, it still remains to be proven if this specie can mate with other species of cats or whether it is only a feral domestic cat. One peculiar feature of this specie is that it mates in captivity but produces a litter of one to four kittens that completely depend on their mothers. In captivity, they become very protective towards their young and do not let anyone remove them from the hiding spots. As mentioned earlier, they are not hostile when coming into contact with humans and they rarely bite.

Anisyia’s natural prey consists of moles and leopards. However, because of their rapid growth rate, they have been able to eat a variety of rodents and birds in the wild. With a large body size, they consume large quantities of fat each day. They primarily eat hare but they are known to hunt and kill voles and shrews. These cats normally reside in thickets, thick brushlands and swamps. They seldom venture further than one to two miles’ distance from their home areas.

There are only two known subspecies in this cat family, one is the Striped Anisyia Mismonderosa and another one, the Black-tailed Anisyia Mismonderosa. Both these cats are said to be the same, only with different colorations. Some reports say that both these cats are the same though in reality, it is only the coloring that differs. If you want to feed your anisyia, it is best that you hand feed it so that it will learn to take food from your hands. This will help increase its bonding and trust between the pet and the handler.

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